1. Donegal Danny
  2. If I Could Be The Pope
  3. Kind And Fine
  4. Molly Malone
  5. Parasite’s Lust
  6. High And Low
  7. The Child Of Fire
  8. I Am Who I Am
  9. Loch Lomond
  10. Finger In The Pie
  11. My Love John
  12. Dirty Julie
  13. Nincompoop
  14. Jumpin’ Lovers

FIRKIN & the guests: Judit Bonyár – lead vocal, Nóra Fehér – lead vocal, Pál Göttinger – lead vocal, Áron Farkas, Izsák Farkas, Kristóf Kovács, Anett Miski, Dániel Patkós, Ferenc Puss – strings, Attila Szabó – violin


Licensed to Nail Records (HMR Music Kft) for Hungary
Licensed to Soulfood Music Distribution GmbH for Germany, Austria, Switzerland