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Firkin must be experienced! Firkin is good, firkin’ good!

Since Firkin was founded by the crazy flutist PJ in 2008, the band has played more than 500 concerts in 16 countries – Canada, France, UK, Switzerland, Spain, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Ukraine and in their home country Hungary.

Within 9 years Firkin has become one of the best live bands and headliners of major festivals and prestigious venues.

Their 1st album entitled Firkinful Of Beer (May, 2009) has become golden album within a year and the title song was listed on a compilation album of the world’s best folk bands. (Almost St. Patrick’s Day, Reedo Records, 2009, Germany).

At the same time Firkinful Of Beer got nominated for the Hungarian Grammy Award, Fonogram 2010, which was followed by two further nominations: Hungarian Grammy 2013 with their 3rd album Igyunk Pálinkát! and Hungarian Grammy 2014 with their 4th album Keep On Firkin.

Lord Of The Dance – the greatest hit of Firkin’s 2nd album entitled Whup! (November, 2010) – ruled the Celtic Radio Charts for 4 consecutive months in Canada and for 3 months in Germany.

In 2011, Firkin broke the borders with a 5-stage tour in Canada. Mostly as headliners, the band got invited to several prestigious festivals all across Europe.

In 2012, Firkin also recorded their 1st live DVD entitled Keep On Firkin, which gave the green light to recognized international tour booking agencies like Extratours Konzertbüro (GER, CH) and KS Booking & Promotion (CZ, PL, SK, UA).

In 2013, Firkin set up a unique semi-theatrical performance entitled Jumpin’ John in the Palace of Arts, Budapest. Accompanied by many illustrious guest musicians, Firkin produced a sold-out night.

In 2014, Firkin released their 5th LP album entitled Finger in the Pie, which received praising reviews by acknowledged international bloggers and magazines. Firkin’s live energy rocked two major festivals as well: Wacken W:O:A 2014 (GER), for the first time and Sziget 2014 (HUN) for the forth consecutive year.

In 2015 with their 5th album, Firkin was mentioned among the very bests on international toplists: UK – Modern Rock Top 20; Germany – 3rd best Celtic Punk Rock album; Ireland – 2nd best Celtic Punk album; USA – The World’s Leading Songwriting Competition – Top 10, Finalist (category: Rock/Alternative).

In 2015, Firkin was honoured to play with Flogging Molly, one of the greatest band of the Celtic punk rock genre. The firkinizers also played a plethora of headliner shows all across Europe. In October, the Hungarian National Music TV broadcast Firkin’s 7th birthday concert @ Akvárium Klub, Budapest.

Firkin opens 2016 at the legendary Dublin Castle, London where Madness, Blur and Amy Winehouse used to play.

After winning Hungarian Grammy Awards (Fonogram 2016) with the album Finger In The Pie, Firkin was nominated for Independent Music Awards (USA) in the category of Rock/Hard Rock Album!

Firkin’s latest hit ‘Focimese’ became the official song of the Hungarian football team at UEFA EURO 2016 and the compilation album (Bon Voyage, June 2016) featuring Focimese has recently become platinum!

In 2017 the now five-time Fonogram nominee headlined numerous festivals all across Europe and invaded the main stages of major festivals like Summer Breeze (GER), Rockharz (GER), Czad Festiwal (PL), Sziget Festival (HU) in the framework of Into The Night Tour.

For 2018, the band is preparing with a new LP followed by a European spring tour and a crazy summer season with a plethora of energetic live shows.

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